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Osteosys Dexxum

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Osteosys Dexxum T is an all in one DXA solution for diagnosis screening and evaluating for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia and and provides a versatile solution for evaluating the risk of osteoporotic fracture. Evaluating BMD, Dexxum is easy and simple to operate and the most accurate way to measure. With the low profile design and height it is suitable for all ages and sizes of patients. With just a 2.5 minute spine and femur scan time


Grade and type : 1st grade B type instrument

Product size : 2083(W) x 1066(D) x 1230H)

Weight : 135Kg

Input voltage and frequency :

100VAC ~ 240VAC / 50Hz ~ 60Hz

Power consumption : 400VA

Valid period : Semi-permanent

X-ray generator

Model name : EMB-0165

Maximum tube voltage : 110KV

Maximum tube current : 1.5mA

Power consumption : 50W

Capacity : 165W

Input voltage and frequency :

110VAC/220VAC ± 10%

Lowest Current Time product :

1mAs (0.2mA, 5seconds)

Aluminium equivalent :

2.8mmAL (samarium + X-ray tube)

X-ray tube

Manufacturer : TOSHIBA

Model name : DF-151SBR

Maximum tube voltage : 121KVMaximum

tube current : 3.1A



Model name : EV-381

Image sensor : CdZnTe

Image area : 11mm diameter



Image size (spine) : 160mm X 192mm

Image size (Femur) : 120mm X 180mm

Reproducibility : ± 1.5% CV

Accuracy : ± 1.5% CV

X-ray radiation time :

1min 25sec – 3min 50sec

Radiation dose :

below 10m Rem per  examination (5m distance)

Residual radiation :

Below 1 mRem (5m distance)


Use environment

Operating temperature :

above 15°C below 40°C

Suitable humidity : 20% ~ 80%

Suitable air pressure : 700 ~ 1060 Hpa

Impact : Within 2G in 6 X 10-3sec

Storage temperature range :

Above -5 °C below 50 °C

Storage humidity range : 0% ~ 90%